Tunisha Sharma death: Kangana Ranaut seeks Modi's intervention to 'make laws against polygamy'

Claims Sharma's death is murder
Tunisha Sharma death: Kangana Ranaut seeks Modi's intervention to 'make laws against polygamy'
Tunisha Sharma death: Kangana Ranaut seeks Modi's intervention to 'make laws against polygamy'

ITDC INDIA EPRESS/ ITDC NEWS Reacting to the tragic death of Bollywood actor actor Tunisha Sharma, Kangana Ranaut, in a long Instagram post, requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to "make strong laws against polygamy without consent."

“A woman can cope with everything, loss of love, marriage, relationship or even a loved one but she can never deal with the fact that her love story never had love, for the other person her love and vulnerability was just an easy target for exploitation," the actor wrote.

Kangana Ranaut claimed that Sharma's ex-boyfriend and co-star Sheezan Khan, who has now been arrested, used to abuse the deceased both physically and emotionally.

"When it is revealed to her her reality start to warp, distort itself, shift shape to fit in the facts that are revealed to her in a shocking manner …. Every incidence, each experience she associates with beauty and love starts to replay in her mind slowly blending dream, reality ,imagination all in one in order to fit in the brutality of a betrayal… even presently she doesn’t know what to believe or not believe anymore."

Claiming that Sharma's death is a murder, Ranaut wrote: "She can’t trust her own perception in such a state one feels no difference in being alive or dead after all life is just our perception and if she decides to end her life … please know she didn’t do it alone … it’s a murder #tunishasharma.”

“Indulging in polygamy with multiple women without their consent or knowledge should be a criminal offence. Sexually exploiting women without taking any responsibility for their physical, mental and emotional well being while breaking up with them suddenly without any valid reason should also be a criminal offence," she wrote.

"We need to take care of our daughters, it is the responsibility of the government to protect and enrich the feminine. A land where women are not safe, is destined to doom," she wrote and requested PM Modi to "make strong laws against polygamy without consent, acid attacks against women and of course chopping them in to many pieces should amount to immediate death sentence without trial."

She demanded that "emotional frauds" too should be dealt with the same way leagal and financial frauds are handled. "May be emotions are not tangible but so are lies …. Lies are also not something tangible and all above frauds are carried out with the help of lies only … so why only emotional frauds are laughed off and dismissed as petty gossips…. How much damage which lie causes to the individual only that individual knows."

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