Swap transplant bypassing the state boundaries and the binding of religion at Bansal Hospital

Bansal Hospital creates history again.
Swap transplant bypassing the state boundaries and the binding of religion at Bansal Hospital
Press conference Bansal Hospital Bhopal MP

ITDC NEWS/ITDC INDIA EPRESS: According to a press release and press conference, after reaching a certain stage, there is no way left before kidney patients change the kidneys. In such a way, according to the Human Organ Transplant Act (THOA), the kidneys given to the patient can be of his own relatives. Even after the kidney donor is available due to this condition, even if blood group does not match, this process will not complete. 

Under these circumstances, Bansal Hospital started the "Swap Transplant Registry" and its positive results began to appear. Bansal Hospital has done similar swap transplant in which the boundaries of religion and state also have not been obstructed.

To make Kidney available to two people at one time, the specialist team of Bansal Hospital has made an impression of four operations simultaneously. During this time Kidney Transplant Surgeon Dr. Santosh Agarwal and Transplant Nephrologist Dr. Vidyanand Tripathi showed their medical skills. Apart from Anesthesiologist Dr. Ritesh Jain, Dr. Deepa Navkar, Dr. Laxmikant, Dr. Abhinav Saraf, besides large number of nursing and OT experts were present for assistance. 

Patients of two families settled in the borders of MP and UP were required for Kidney Transplant, Parvez Ahmad was from Jhansi and Nadani Rajput from Bhopal.

But due to lack of kidney match of donor, the two patients were struggling hard. Swap transplants were advised when they came in contact with Bansal Hospital and efforts were made for this. Soon the consensus was also made for this operation, and with better results, the story of success was done by Bansal Hospital team. 

Dr. Vidyanand Tripathi said that these transplants are usually a great example for those who have taken out their names in the name of caste, religion, religion and religion. Two husbands and wives belong to different religions. From one Hindu community to another, then from Islam. On one side there was a sick wife, on the other hand the patient was husband. Kidney donates were both husband and wife. 
Dr Tripathi told that in this special case, one patient surgeries were getting treatment in Kidney Center, under the supervision of expert Dr. Gopesh Modi. But when they were given information about this transplant, they also assisted in fulfilling the transplant process by giving them gratefully acceptance. Bansal has already done the operation In August last year, two similar patients were swap transplanted in Bansal Hospital. 
The facilities reduced the pain: 
Dr. Santosh Agarwal (Urologist and Kidney transplant surgeon) told  that Swap Transplant has to do four operations in a single day. Better team of Bansal Hospital and high-level facilities here help make this work successful. Both donors were treated with laparoscopic surgery so donor has to bear less pain.

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