RSS pushes for quality family time during PM Modi’s Janata curfew

A two-week schedule was also suggested for strengthening family bonds
RSS pushes for quality family time during PM Modi’s Janata curfew
RSS pushes for quality family time during PM Modi's Janata curfew

ITDC INDIA EPRESS/ ITDC NEWS As India is set to undergo 14-hour voluntary lockdown on Sunday, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), has decided to follow Prime Minister Narendra Modi's message and is amplifying it further among members.

In an informal instruction, the RSS followers may follow a two-week crash course during the time of coronavirus self-isolation, which will involve men preparing meals under guidance of their wives, and grandparents sharing details of their ancestry, meditation, and eating in silence. “It is good if someone follows the schedule. It aims to strengthen the family system,” Rajiv Tuli, member of Delhi state executive

In its official instruction for the ‘Janata Curfew’, the RSS has instructed Shakhas for Sunday to be shifted before or after the curfew hours. “A few swayamsevaks can collect in their areas, apartment complexes and streets to hold prayers,” senior RSS leader Suresh Bhayyaji Joshi said.

The informal instructions being passed in the social media groups of the RSS refers to the two-week crash course that its followers can adopt while staying at home.  The detailed hour-wise schedule is aligned with its ongoing programme, Kutumbh Probhodan, which aims to strengthen the Indian family system.

The proposed crash course begins on Saturday. In this self-imposed curfew, the day will start at 5am, and first task will be at 6am with a 45-minute family meditation. It will be followed by another 45-minute task of doing yoga.

But this is also aimed at changing habits, and redefining gender roles-the husbands have been advised to prepare breakfast under the “guidance of wife” from 7.30 to 8.30am. While, the children will do other household chores by sending the servant/maid on paid leave for 2 weeks. After the breakfast is prepared, and house cleaned, the family will 'break the fast' between 8.30 to 9am. This will be followed by fun time where the entire family comes together for one hour till 10 am to “play, have fun and laugh.”

For children, the next one and a half hours will be devoted to finishing school and college work “with help of grandparents,” while parents work from home. This will be followed by another community chore of preparing lunch together, between 11.30am and 1 pm.  Eating together between 1 and 2 pm, and then cleaning kitchen and rest for next one hour.

Family bonding starts again at 3pm again with some history lessons in ancestral roots. “Elders to explain their family /ancestral background /history to the children of at least 3/4 generations. Family ups and downs , difficult times, failures and success,” the advisory said.



Between 4 and 5pm is meditation time, followed by play time from 5 to 6.30pm “where indoor games like chess, carom, cards, quiz, memory (whole family including grandparents). While playing, ‘laugh as much as you can’, the advisory says. When it’s time to prepare the dinner, the father should help his wife prepare it. And dinner is to be had between 8-8.30pm with the family in “total silence”.

The day is far from over. From 8.30-10pm, it is time to think about the country. “Rashtra Chintan - know original history of our mother land, read biography of great social reforms, family debate, last but not the least think what you can do for the nation,” stated the crash course schedule before one calls it a day at 10 pm.

In fact, when Modi had addressed the nation, he had invoked the Hindu festival of Navaratri. Preparations are being made so that the coronavirus quarantine coinciding with the nine-day Navratri will be used to pray and invoke Goddess Shakti in the fight against the contagion.

The nine-day auspicious period of prayers starts on March 26 and culminates on the ninth day marking the birthday of Lord Ram. Interestingly, Modi gave nine calls to action – going with the nine-day Navaratri resolutions - including Janata Curfew, senior citizens staying home, show gratitude to doctors and medical staff, stay away from hospital for routine checkup, postpone elective surgeries, avoid panic buying and do not cut wages of daily wagers.

For those who missed the nine 'call to action' symbolism associated with Navaratri, the state-run Prasar Bharati emphasised the same through various mediums.

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